10 Tips To Help Promote Your Brand On Facebook

Every business wants a piece of the Facebook pie.  With a couple of billion active users on a monthly basis, how can you not. It is one of the best platforms to build stronger connections with your target audience as well as further promote your brand. It is widely know that many people actually prefer to interact with their favorite businesses on social media as opposed to in person or over the phone. Therefore, it is essential your business is keeping in line with consumer habits and maintaining an active presence on social media.

The question now becomes, how do you separate your brand from the rest of the competition?

Below are 10 tips to help you promote your brand on Facebook.

1. Host Facebook Contests

Hosting a contest on Facebook is a great way to generate buzz and boost brand awareness. Current followers can get more involved and you will also attract new ones in the process. The awesome thing about hosting a contest is you do not need a lot of lead time to do one.  Some popular contest themes are “like or comment to win”, are super easy to set up. Just ask ask participants to like or comment your post and follow you to enter. It is that easy. Also encourage them to share the post which further boosts your reach. As you are getting started with this, make certain to check out Facebook’s rules on such promotions to make sure you are not violating their guidelines.

2. Focus on Quality-Rich Content

Value is what you want to aim for when you are putting together content to post. Your original blog content is a great place to start. Your content should strive to inspire, educate and solve problems for your followers. Give them what they want and you will see your shares go up.

An additional way to get shareable content on your feed is to curate content.  You want to gather, organize and share the best sources that are available within your niche and you will never run out of content. Eventually you will be seen as a key source for valuable information further building your brand and audience.

If you find your time to be limited, it is worth it to hire a company to produce custom social media content for your business.  Emphatic.co does just that. You outfit them with all the key details about your business and they come up with great social media content that is tailored to your needs. You just review the posts and schedule them.  It has been such a time saver for my business and has allowed me to apply more focus on other things.

3. Retargeting

When visitors come to your website, they are rarely ready to make a purchase.  The solution to this is retargeting.  I am sure you have all visited a website only to find it popping up on every other website you visit.  Pretty genius.  It serves as a constant reminder of something you may have been interested in. Using Facebook retargeting gets fresh eyes on your landing pages and helps build up your followers. This is a must part of any social media marketing strategy.

4. Use the saved audiences option

Creating custom audiences based on specific criteria is a great way to be able to target your advertising. Facebook’s Business Manager, provides you with the ability to do that.  If you have content related to an audience you don’t normally target, you can create a saved audience and promote your stuff directly to them. Give it a try, it is free to set up and you can get an idea for how large the audience is prior to paying. 

5. Add a Call To Action 

On your Facebook Business Page, you are able to add a CTA button that is placed in the  bottom right-hand corner of your cover photo. Something along the lines of “contact us” works. This makes it super easy for people to get in touch with you and it will also help drive up traffic to your site.  

6. Embed Your Facebook Content

If you have the opportunity to include your Facebook content into other areas..do so.  A great place to start is your blog posts if you keep one. Facebook offers a really easy way to embed their content.  Just click on embed in the upper right-hand corner of your post.  You can now paste your content elsewhere.  This is helpful if you have a video to share.  Combining various types of content gives you more touch point opportunities with prospective customers.

9. Start incorporating live video

Adding videos to your feed is huge for so many reasons.  Adding live video is even better. You have to master some steps to get it right, but it has great advantages.  The extended reach you will get is one of the best reasons. There are many things you can share on live video.  As a successful business, you can share your tips for success, product launches, host a Q&A session, broadcast live from an industry event.  The ideas are endless.  Just make sure to stick with something that is going to bring value to your audience and interest them as well.   Facebook’s algorithm automatically gives an in into more people’s feeds just for doing live video.

10. Keep it fun 

As important as social media platforms are to marketing, you have to remember to keep it light and fun. Keep in mind social media was built to help foster connections between people. If you want to boost your reach and your brand, you need to commit to being more personal.  Whether it is sharing personal story or giving behind the scenes look at your business, you want to show the more human side and keep it fun.