5 Real Estate Marketing Trends To Take Advantage of Today

In order for your real estate marketing strategy to be effective, you have to be a savvy marketer and stay ahead of the curve. Real estate is uber competitive and you need to stay abreast of the marketing trends.  As we enter the second part of 2019, take a moment to review your marketing efforts.  Below we outline five trends you should start doing as a part of your real estate marketing strategy if you aren’t already.

1. The continued rise of automation

The real estate industry is faced paced and agents are always looking to save time.  One of the best ways to get more time in the day is to automate whatever marketing processes you can.  This will not only save you time but help keep you organized. Here are just a few things you can start to automate when it comes to your marketing:

  • Social media posts – Plan out your posts well in advance and set them to go out when you want with Autogrammer.  Gone are the days of scrambling to post something last minute.
  • Text message marketing campaigns – will allow you to further engage with leads which will help move them further along the sales funnel.
  • Email drip campaigns – Automatically segment your list and send out emails based on where they are at in the funnel.  Real estate email flyers are great to send out as well.
  • Chatbots – This is AI that can carry on a “human” conversation.  You can use them on Facebook and your website.  They will allow you to interact with any visitors in real time adding a lot of value to the user experience.
  • Follow up with leads – Use a tool like SmartZip develop your relationship with your clients.

2. Video and more video

[Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels]

Video is the hottest marketing trend across every industry and its popularity is not slowing down.  If you are not incorporating video into your real estate marketing strategy, you need to.  Here are some ways to start  integrating video into your marketing strategy.

    • Video home tours – this one has been around a while now.  Don’t forget to include a 360 video of the whole property.
    • Instagram stories – This is a great way to show off a home in a quick format.  Stories only stay up for 24 hours.  This helps create a sense of urgency.
    • Facebook videos – You can do so much with these videos too.  Home tours, behind the scenes, interviews, Q&A’s etc.
    • Go live – Live video on either Whether you do Instagram or Facebook, going live is great for marketing.  Show an open house, a day in the life, what happens at work.  There is so much you can share for your audience to get to know you better.

3. Valuable Content

Marketing today is not just about people knowing your face and name.  In the competitive world of real estate, you need to add more value and stand out where you can.  One great way to do this is by publishing content.  A blog is a great way to push content to your audience as long as it is relevant and valuable.

There is so much you can do here when it comes to types of content.  Putting out hyper-local content is a great way to share things that are specific to your area.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Guides for both sellers and buyers –   You can provide basic information on the processes but also include details that are specific to your area.
  • Blog posts that cover the area you are in – news about the local housing market, info about local schools, local government, events happening etc.
  • Neighborhood profiles – Put one together for each community in your area.
  • Newsletters – Include some helpful and valuable information and you can also throw in some of your newest properties for added value.

4. Keep it personal

Although automating certain processes is a time saver in this hectic world we live in, you don’t want to forget the power of the personal.  This means  personalized content and  and relationship-building.

With your content, figure out what the pain points are of your clients and tailor some of your content around them.  This could be how-to posts, tips and tricks etc.  When it comes to communication with your clients, you want to go the extra mile with your personalization.  This could be a phone call to wish them a happy birthday or a gift on the 1 year anniversary of their home purchase.  This will be memorable for them and help foster a stronger relationship so they think of you for future transactions.

5.  Be authentic

[Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels]

So much of social media can be staged and doctored.  Just think of all the filters on Instagram.  Don’t fall into this trap.   More and more, people are wanting authenticity from brands that they follow.  You want to give them a true glimpse of your business and who you are.  This is where behind the scenes shots are great for sharing the other side of you..not just the business side. This could be a company outing or  the birthday celebration of a co-worker.   Perhaps you are out for a bike ride on the weekend and you share your favorite park that you like to visit.  Content that shows different sides of you and your business is what you are striving for.

Final thoughts

As we enter into the second half of 2019, take a moment to review your current real estate marketing strategy.  Do you feel it is working for you?  Perhaps you see something above that you can incorporate during the second half of this year that will help take your strategy up a notch.