5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using G Suite


At one point Office 365 was the main player in the email hosting area. Speed ahead to now and you have its toughest rival, G Suite.  It is definitely, in our humble opinion, the best email solution out there for businesses (along with its other great features (i.e.Google Drive storage, Google Docs and Google Sheets etc).


Here are five reasons your business will benefit from using G Suite


Most are familiar with it

G suite is super popular and chances are your employees are already using products like Gmail or Google Docs.  This is a great benefit for your business since it shortens the learning curve quite a bit and makes the transition really easy. If you were using something like Office 365, you would be looking at a lot more training for your staff.

When it comes to mobile devices, G Suite has the best compatibility compared to any other email provider. So it pretty much works everywhere!  Another nice perk is that you can switch with a simple click between your personal Gmail account and your G Suite accounts.

Affordable pricing

The pricing structure is definitely attractive for businesses.  A monthly subscription ranges between $5 and $10 per user for their enhanced office suite. For the business versions of Microsoft Office 365,  you can expect the monthly cost to be in the range of $8.25 to $12.50 per user for the premium edition.

It is very reliable

When it comes to reliability, Google is one of the best. They guarantee an up time of at least 99.9% for their G Suite Covered Services.  In addition, you will not experience any scheduled downtime or maintenance windows with G suite. Every one of their data centers is built with redundant infrastructure.  With that being said, nothing is perfect as with any service.  If you are experiencing issue with any of their products, check out their G Suite status dashboard for updates on when they will be fixed and up and running again.

Simple to use

With just one login, you have access to all the apps within G suite.  No need to login other places.  In addition, if you are working within a team, you are automatically able to share information. Employees and even customers will be able to collaborate on digital files in real time.

When it comes to your website, you can seamlessly integrate your WordPress site with Google G Suite.  This means you can manage WordPress user accounts entirely from G Suite. You will not only get ease of use from using G suite but you will also have better control over employee access, increased security and one click login with user profiles automatically populated with their real names.

Now let’s talk email organization.  We all know how easily your inbox can get overrun.  A big advantage with G suite is that messages can be archive in the cloud so you won’t need to sync them to another device.

Best in security

Google Cloud Platform offers the highest levels of security on the market and this is what G Suite is built on top of.  For this reason, you have some of the biggest companies in the world using G suite.  Everyone from HP to Verizon knows they can put their trust in G suite since they have expertise and industry-leading knowledge backing each one of their products.

Here are just some of the ways your data is protected:

  • Admin has full control: The administrator has the ability to view reports, control how data is protected and even control mobile devices. They can also remove permissions for employees having the ability to enable less secure apps.
  • Encryption: Provides email encryption in transit.
  • Audits, and assessments: Several independent third-party audits happen on a regular basis.
  • Data retention: Offers the ability to search, retain, archive and export data.
  • High level of privacy: You own your data. Your data will never be used for advertising purposes.

Final thoughts

As we outline above, G Suite is a great all-in-one solution for everything from email hosting to storage. It also has some of the best tools for collaboration, organization, and security.  It’s ease of use and price point make it a great option for businesses of any size.